7:24 /26.6.2022

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We aim to minimize the negative affect on environment by implementing energy saving and ecologically friendly technologies in operation.

Since the foundation of the airport environmental care is one of the priorities in our activity.

The main principles of environmental care:

- constant improvement of environmental control system in operation

- responsibility for environment contamination

Tasks of ecological policy

- work out of ecological management system;

- minimization of dangerous substances using and aim to use non-dangerous;

- systematic monitoring of ecological aspects and estimation of their influence on environment;

- implementation of modern technologies to decrease the specific emission of hazardous substances;

- stimulation of noise level abatement caused by the operation of aircraft.

In day-to-day life we are making steps to improve ecological situation such as greening of surrounding area, using of eco-friendly technologies and materials, environment condition control, using of safe birds hazing system, economical use of natural resources.

The airport propagandizes healthy and ecologically friendly way of life among its employees.

We fully realize that we responsible for the world we live, for the world next generations will live in.