11:10 /27.9.2022

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Modernization of the airport to the level of modern European standards is a priority task of reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the airport is a part of Dnepropetrovsk region improvement strategy.

Reconstruction also will allow:

- to increase quality and speed of aircrafts servicing;

- to serve new aircraft types;

- to improve passengers’ comfort level;

- to increase safety level.

We suppose that reconstruction of terminal and airport facilities will increase acceptance rate and attract new carriers.

Goals of airport reconstruction:

- building of new runway that will ensure heavy aircrafts take off/landing;

- taxiways reconstruction;

- building of rapid exit taxiways;

- aircraft parking spaces increasing;

- modern radio-navigational and lighting systems installment;

New terminal will be a three-floored building with modern automatic baggage handling system including integrated security control system, information system, equipment for passengers with special needs, new checking system and parking for 350 parking spaces. Acceptance rate will be increased twice.

Building will allow:

- to increase capacity;

- to achieve a principally new level of servicing;

- to automatize a key operation processes;

- to increase a number of regular and charter flights;

- to expand number of destinations;

- to attract more airlines.