8:51 /26.6.2022

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Dear passengers!

If you decide to take your pet on a trip you have to receive all necessary accompanying documents and get permission from your airline during ticket booking.

Animals have to be clean, without unacceptable smell, have current vaccination and health certificates, permission to enter country of destination or transit and be carried in a container.

The transportation fee for animals, which are accepted for transportation as checked baggage, depends on carrier rates. Rates of transportation depend on the total weight, which consists of animal’s weight and container’s weight.

Guide dogs, that help official government agencies, rescue teams or passengers with special needs are transported free of charge. In this case guide dog has to have a collar, a muzzle and be led on a leash by its owner.

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers with animals must pass veterinary control located to the right side of the central hall of the terminal.

More detailed information you can find on http://gvk.dp.ua/.