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Our mission

Dnipro International Airport is an important link in the air transport system that connects Dnipro with other cities and countries.

We help to overcome distances. We conduce to the perfection of individual and development of society, native city and country.

We are proud that we open the sky for Dnipro and make possible to accomplish the human’s age-long dream – to fly.

Our values

Safety: principal by definition

The priority task of Dnipro International Airport is to ensure the safety and aviation security.

Safety can be assured by following international standards and instructions, anticipating of risks and preventing the possibilities of incidents.

Quality: the measurement of our work

Not only what we do but also how we do is evaluated. First of all we are professionals and our task is to achieve result by assuring high quality of all operated processes.

Development: we are building our future now

Stable, constant, deliberate perfection is our permanent condition. We develop ourselves and help to develop Dnipro International Airport. We use innovative technologies of management, modernize equipment and infrastructure, improve working conditions, develop culturally and improve relations between staff members.

Environment: we will not be ashamed to look into our great-grandchildren’s eyes.

We are responsible for the world we live in, for the world next generations will live in.

We conduce to improve the nature conditions by minimizing negative effect on the environment, implementing energy-saving and ecologically friendly production technologies, taking care of surrounding area.

Outside the airport we also take care of nature as of our home.

Reputation: It’s important for us to be respected

We remember that every of us is a bearer of airport’s reputation. Activity of every employee forms opinion of the airport services level and makes possible further development.

We realize our role and proud that we are part of the aviation community, that is why we strive to work flawlessly