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Adapted from the “High sky” book written by the veteran of civil aviation Nikolai Mazin.

History of Dnepropetrovsk aviation began 24th of February 1918 when the pilot Turenko landed at Dnepropetrovsk airport on aeroplane “Anatra”. That flight en route Odessa-Ekaterinoslav-Odessa was the first mail-carrying flight in Russia.

In 1943 when Dnepropetrovsk was liberated from German invaders, airport became base for multi-purpose planes PO-2. This year is considered to be starting point of airport’s history.


In 1946 passengers flow amount reached 300 passengers, such destinations as Moscow, Odessa, Kiev were available. For flights operation were used such aircrafts types as LI-2, IL-12, AN-2, IL-14.

In 1975 Dnepropetrovsk airport among three other airports was chosen as exemplary airport that met world standards.

Since 1976 the airport is able to accept TU-154 that allowed to establish direct air connection between Dnepropetrovsk and 70 cities of former USSR. By 1980 passengers flow amount reached 530 thousand passengers and 20 thousand tons of cargo were dispatched from the airport.

During period between 1979 and 1983 years airport became Aeroflot methodical basis for working out and implementing quality management system. The standardization concerned all processes of airport activity management.

In 1992 international destinations became available. Fights to Cameroon, Yugoslavia, and Moldova were operated on YAK-40.

In 1993 medium-range aircraft YAK-42 was purchased. Flight operation on heavy aircrafts had started.

In 1994 airport was a base for 6 YAK-42 aircrafts. The operation of international flights from Dnepropetrovsk to Tel Aviv, Frankfurt-am-Main, Istanbul, Chisinau, Amsterdam, Dubai, Moscow, Samara, and Tyumen were started.

In 2004-2006 aviation company “Dniproavia” based in the airport bought two Boeing 737 aircrafts. New destinations became available.

Since 2008 new modern aircrafts such as Embraer-145/190, Boeing-737, and Bombardier CRJ had been replacing YAK-40 aircrafts.

In 2011 Dnepropetrovsk International airport became a separate enterprise

The new stage of its development had begun.

Infrastructure development

In 1957 a first terminal was put into operation. The airport owns such aircrafts as LI-2, AN-2, IL-14.

In 1968 a green square was founded.

In 1974 a new modern terminal was put into operation.

In 1979 a seven-storey hotel with 240 rooms and restaurant was put into operation.

In 1987 runway were extended up to 2 850 meters. New snow-removal vehicle were bought.

In 2003 due to celebration of 100th anniversary of civil aviation and 70th anniversary of the airport a monument to aviators was unveiled.

In 2005 birch alley named “Alley of World War II winners” was planted. A capsule was walled up with compellation to future generations supposed to be open in 2045

2007 – due to EURO-2012 arrangement, airport’s reconstruction project development was in progress.

In 2010 active phase of reconstruction had begun.

In 2011 - separate enterprise Dnepropetrovsk International airport LLC was founded. Modern hangar for aircrafts maintenance were built. Building of new terminal was in progress, reconstruction projects of runway and apron were being designed.