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Dear passengers!

While planning your trip, please learn the information presented in this section.

Air carrier may refuse to accept luggage that contains items forbidden for air transportation:

Objects and substances forbidden for carriage by passengers on the aircraft:

Group 1:

- Pistols;

- light signal devices;

- pistols building and construction;

- maces;

Group 2:

- Electroshock equipment of all kinds, except for medical resuscitation equipment;

Group 3:

- Electron-beam weapons of all kinds;

Group 4:

- Explosive agents, compounds, related objects, explosion means;

Group 5:

- Compressed and liquefied gases for common and industrial use (propane-butane, nitrogen, neon, argon, oxygen, etc.);

Group 6:

- flammable liquids - petrol, kerosene, acetone, methanol, carbon disulfide, brake liquid, etc.;

Group 7:

- Flammable solids - potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and other industrial nitrocellulose;

Group 8:

- Toxic and corrosive agents - brucine, nicotine, mercury, strychnine, antifreeze, and cyclone etc;

Group 9:

- Caustic and corrosive substances - inorganic acids, alkalis, and other electrolyte battery;

Group 10:

- Radioactive substances and materials;

Group 11:

- Any other substances, compounds and objects which are related to the above mentioned and those which are subject to specific conditions of storage, transportation and use.

II. Objects and substances, forbidden for transportation in a passenger cabin, but allowed for transportation in checked luggage if a passenger has all necessary accompanying documents:

Group 1:

- Firearms;

- pneumatic and gas guns;

- cold weapons;

- ammunition and spare parts to weapon;

- Museums, souvenir weapon;

Group 2:

- Piercing and bladed articles - manicure sets, knitting pins, needles for injection, table knives, objects that simulate weapons, including children's toys.

III. Carriage of liquids

Passengers are permitted to carry liquids, gels and aerosols in their carry-on luggage if any individual article does not exceed a maximum volume of 100 ml, and packed in hermetic plastic bag (volume no more than 1 liter).

Also permitted for carriage in carry-on luggage are items purchased at Dipro’ Duty Free shops if packed in duly sealed plastic bags with their respective sales slips attached.

Liquids which are forbidden for carriage in the carry-on which content is over 100 ml:

- water and other drinks, soups, syrups;

- creams, lotions and oils;

- perfumes;

- sprays;

- gels including hair and shower gels;

- substances in containers, packages under pressure, including, shaving foam, other foams and deodorants;

- pastes including toothpaste;

- mixes of liquid and solid matters;

- mascara;

- any other matters of similar composition.