11:46 /27.9.2022

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All luggage carried by passengers, including carry-on luggage must be presented to the security staff and air carrier during security control and check-in. Such requirements are necessary to ensure safety of flights.

In order to ensure the safety of flights and your luggage, do not leave your belongings unattended or to strangers. Do not to take stranger’s luggage for transportation.

Luggage accepted by your airline for carriage will be marked with a luggage tag. The check-in agent will provide you with a part of the baggage tag that will allow you to identify your baggage at your destination airport.

To secure your luggage we recommend you to lock suitcases and bags or use the luggage wrapping services in the terminal.

Valuable items or important documents should be transported in your carry-on luggage.

Luggage carriage rules are specified by your Airline.