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Part Basic charges

(on 01.01.2021)


Flights within Ukraine

( US dollars )

Flights to out of Ukraine

( US dollars )


Take-off/ landing charge per each ton of the aircraft MTOW *




Charge for commercial Services provided to a passenger *




Security provision charge per one departing passenger *



*Taking-off/ landing charges during night hours are subject to:

- 20 % increase when either landing or take-off.

- 40% increase when landing and take-off.

*Night hours:

from 01 April to 30 September - from 20.00 to 06.00 local time,

from 01 October to 31 March - from 17.00 to 8.00, local time.

4. Charge for ensuring aviation security cargo aircraft:

- when the domestic flight (within Ukraine) - 1 USD per each ton of the aircraft MTOW;

- when the international flight (outside Ukraine) - 2 USDper each ton of the aircraft MTOW.

5. Collection for excess parking:

- Passenger and cargo aircraft - 0.30* USD for each hour of excess parking and each ton of the aircraft MTOW;

Excess parking time is determined in hours rounded to the first decimal place.

Normative (waivers) while parked passenger aircraft is 3 hours.

Normative (waivers) cargo aircraft parking time is 6 hours.

* Base fees are set for airport "Dnipropetrovsk" According to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine № 173 from 18.05 in 2015. .


1. The cost of fees without VAT. VAT is charged in accordance with legislation of Ukraine an order later.

2. In carrying out the training, testing, testing, technical operations, each approach is taken into account by a factor of 0.2 to the daily amount of the fees for take-off and landing aircraft but if this lighting system is activated, then each call is taken into account factors 0.5 day fee for take-off and landing aircraft even if the aircraft does not touch the surface of the runway.

3. If the take-off and landing of the sun is carried out in accordance with the appointment of a regular or charter line fit for an international flight, and the flight of domestic or vice versa (with a corresponding change in the flight number), then the fee for take-off and landing is determined in the amount of 50 percent of the charges according to the types of messages.

4. Charges for takeoffs and landings factor of 0.5 is applied in the following cases:

-in case of technical landing the sun without changing commercial load;

- the implementation of landing aircraft in connection with the meteorological conditions;

- the return of the aircraft to the departure airport for 40 minutes after take-off due to the aviation event;

- If for landing and take-off of aircraft with the VMM to 6 tonnes inclusive is not used artificial runway.

5. On payment of the fee for the service of passengers in the terminal building and the collection of aviation security shall be exempt:

- passengers of flights operated exclusively for the carriage of the royals, heads of states and governments;

- persons who are exempt from paying for transportation by air according to the legislation of Ukraine;

- passengers of humanitarian flights, the status of which is determined by the appropriate Commission on Humanitarian Assistance under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

- transit passengers;

- passengers with service tickets;

- children under 2 years old;

- passengers of flights with the aim of searching, rescue, sanitary flights that are performed on the instructions of the competent authorities.

When servicing of transfer passengers arriving and departing on international flights, to the rate of the passenger service charge terminal building coefficient of 0.5 is applied.

6. Charge for ensuring aviation security cargo aircraft used factor of 0.5 in the absence of commercial flight on arrival and departure.

7. Fees for above-standard parking ratio of 0.5 is used in the event of flight delays due to weather.

Gathering for excess parking will be charged if flight delay was caused by employees of the airport.

8. Carriers (customers) pay 50% of the fee for ground handling in the event of the implementation of humanitarian flights and military flights SS (state) aircraft performed in non-commercial purposes.

In the matter of ground handling agreement conclusion commercial service by e-mail: or by phone +380562 39-53-27. Contact person Viktoria Burimova.