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Report on the activity of MA "DNEPROPETROVSK",

as an air navigation service provider, for 2019

"DNEPROPETROVSK" International Airport (hereinafter referred to as the Enterprise), Limited Liability Company provides air navigation services in the form of "Provision of beacon landing systems (ILS) signals in airspace", "Provision of NDB signals in airspace", "Provision of airborne signals ”And“ Earth-to-ground ”Aviation Communication on the basis of the provider's certificate # AA 018216 dated November 14, 2017, issued for 3 years.

During the year the activity of the enterprise was aimed at providing quality aeronautical services for these types with increasing level of flight safety management. The landing systems SP-80 and marker radio beacons marker-734 are used to provide signals to the beacon landing systems (ILS) in the airspace, and to operate the NDB signals in the air space are powered PAR-10C radio stations in both directions, to provide aviation ground-to-air communication. ground ”are used: VHF and HF radio stations; antenna feeder devices; Automatic telephone exchange; system of operative-dispatching loud-speaking communication; linear-cable constructions; structured cable system.

For the fourth year in a row, Ukraine has seen a rather rapid increase in passenger traffic. According to statistics published by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, at the end of this year, passenger traffic through the airports of Ukraine increased by about 19 percent. As for LLC MA DNEPROPETROVSK, that is, corresponding to the general trend of increasing production indicators. However, if we talk about the geography of distribution of the total passenger traffic among the airports of Ukraine, then the share of passenger traffic through the International Airport "Dnipro" is only 1%.

Despite the small number of flights, the main priority areas of activity for the enterprise have always been and remain: ensuring safety of flights and aviation security, high level of service in servicing passengers and aircraft. This is confirmed by the successful passing of certification inspections of the structural subdivisions of the airport by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine.

1. Assessment of the level and quality of service

The analysis of the airport's performance indicators and the summarized results of work for 2019 showed that the strategic goal this year was chosen by the company, namely:

"To confirm the leading role of the enterprise among the aerodromes of Ukraine for compliance with the European aviation regulation based on the results of aerodrome certification" has not yet been achieved. Now the authorized body has extended the validity of the previous certificate of the Dnipror aerodrome, the Application for certification of the aerodrome in accordance with the requirements of the new Aviation Regulations of Ukraine (Order No. 849) and the required package of documents has been submitted for consideration, next year a certificate audit of the aerodrome is expected. Accordingly, the quality goal for obtaining a certificate is considered fulfilled - "To provide confirmation of compliance with the certification requirements of Order No. 849 with the receipt of a certificate."

Partially achieved “Ensure an assessment of passenger satisfaction not less than 85% and airlines not less than 80%”: according to a survey of consumers, the low satisfaction rate of airlines this year is 89%. But regarding satisfaction among passengers - in one category of indicators, the planned level was not reached.

Thus, during 2019, 75% of the quality goals were achieved: from 6 stated goals, 4 were fully achieved, 1 were partially achieved 1 were not achieved 1.

1.2 Information on the work done in the formal consultation process with service users

Comments on the operation of SNN facilities and wishes on the quality of their work from aircraft crews are received through the dispatcher of the ADV of the Dneprovskiy RSP “UkSATSE” and are recorded in the “Journal of observations of the flight and dispatcher personnel on the operation of RTZ facilities”. In case of receipt of comments on the operation of SNV facilities, the compliance of the parameters of ground SNV facilities is immediately checked, and if necessary, adjustments are made. In case of revealing deviations of the parameters from the specified standards, consultations are carried out with the crews from which comments were received about the need to check the onboard equipment.

On December 10, 2019, a consultation meeting was organized for the engineering and technical personnel of MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC, as an ANO provider, with service users, dispatch staff of the Dnipropetrovsk RSP UkSATSE and representatives of ROSA VETROV, Austrian Airlines, UIA, "Yuzhmashavia" and with military units of the Air Force of Ukraine, the protocol is given in Appendix 1.

2. Characteristics of the provider in comparison with those defined in the business plan and agreed in the annual plan:






% Еxecution

Number of flights departed

2 618

2 878



Number of passengers sent thousand people

thousand people





3. Development and innovation in service and infrastructure

3.1. New editions of the "Regulation on the radio navigation and communication service" and "Manual on the production activities of the radio navigation and communication service" and other internal regulatory documents have been introduced;
3.2. Developed and implemented the "Procedure for inspections, as well as for routine and emergency maintenance of non-visual approach aids";
3.3. Organized and conducted training of personnel (in the amount of 8 people) according to the training program for instructors of SNV facilities;
3.4. Organized and conducted basic training of flight safety inspectors under the program "Investigation of Aircraft Accidents and Incidents" - 2 people.

In terms of infrastructure and aeronautical equipment:

- the schedule of maintenance and repair of ground vehicles of the RTO was completed in full;

- ground and flight checks were completed on time and without comment;

- verification of measuring instruments was carried out according to the schedule in full in certified institutions;

- at the workplace of the approach service dispatcher, a panel was installed to display information about the operational state of radio navigation aids used to ensure landing at the Dnepr aerodrome;

- modernized security alarm systems and information signaling about the ATS performance at the ATS facility, as well as about the presence of an industrial power supply network on the KChZ Riz board;

- improved communication systems at mini automatic telephone exchange # 2 for airport attendants;

- the air conditioning system was restored to ensure a stable temperature regime at the GRM-08 SP80N1 facility;

- 24 batteries were purchased for portable radio stations, to change the battery, which have exhausted their resource and are out of order;

- 7 batteries were purchased for uninterruptible power supplies of marker beacons and means of objective control, to change the battery, which have exhausted their resource and are out of order;

- repaired backup cable lines No. 12, 21;

- performed daytime marking of SNN objects;

- reconstructed power supplies for BMRM-26;

- redecoration of premises at the objects of automatic telephone exchange, PRTs;

- the central KROZZ and KROZZ DPSP were reconstructed.

- the procedure for crossing the ILS zone in the GRM-08 area was documented and communicated to the performers. There are metal warning signs of a certain type.

4. Financial results


Values,thousand UAH

Net income from sales

146 565

Cost of goods sold

135 412

Gross profit / loss

11 153

Other income

20 278

Other expenses

44 642

Net financial income / loss

– 13 211

5. Flight safety

The flight safety and quality management (SMS) management system at MA "DNEPROPETROVSK" provides for the regulatory regulation of airworthiness and quality in accordance with standards. Given that MA "DNEPROPETROVSK" is an air navigation service provider, and the radio navigation and communication service is a structural unit of MA "DNEPROPETROVSK" LLC and one of the components of the SMS system, the analysis of its activity is included in the General Terms and Conditions of LLC "DNIPROPETROVSK".