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on the activities of MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC,
as an Air Navigation Services Provider, 2020
Limited Liability Company "International Airport" DNEPROPETROVSK "(hereinafter referred to as the enterprise) provides air navigation services in the form of" Provision of signals for radio beacon landing systems (ILS) in airspace "," Provision of NDB signals in airspace "," Provision of radio beacon signals in airspace "And" Ground-to-ground aviation communication "on the basis of the provider's certificate No. АА 021204 dated November 13, 2020, issued for 3 years.
To provide signals to the radio beacon landing systems (ILS) in the airspace, the SP-80 landing systems and marker-734 marker radio beacons are used, and to provide NDB signals in the airspace, PAR-10S drive radio stations are used in both directions, to provide ground-to-air communications. earth "are used: VHF and HF radio stations; antenna feeder devices; Automatic telephone exchange; system of operational dispatching loudspeaker communication; line-cable structures; structured cabling system.
2020 turned out to be a difficult test for the aviation industry of Ukraine and the world. The pandemiological situation in the world associated with the outbreak of acute respiratory disease COVID-19, and the restrictions imposed by states to counter its spread (termination of flights, closure of borders, etc.) have led to a decline in demand for air travel and a decrease in the commercial load of flights at the end. the first quarter of this year, in connection with which airlines were forced to reduce the frequency or even cancel the vast majority of flights. From March 2020 in Ukraine, as in most countries of the world, quarantine was introduced and general air traffic was suspended: international - from March 17 to June 15, domestic - from March 24 to June 5.
The negative consequences resulting from such events have both the air carriers and the airports of Ukraine. The drop in air traffic volumes in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the corresponding period last year by 17.7%, in the second quarter of 2020, which saw the peak of restrictive measures - by 98.3%. This caused serious financial losses for aviation enterprises, a reduction in the number of personnel, and a decrease in the level of wages of workers. LLC "MA" DNEPROPETROVSK "in 2020 also faced solution and overcoming of similar problems. In addition, 2020 for MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC was marked by changes in the organizational structure.
Nevertheless, since September 2020, MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC has begun preparatory work for the construction of the passenger terminal of the air terminal by New Systems Dnepr LLC and a new runway of the airfield, the investor of which is the state enterprise Financing of Infrastructure Projects.
According to statistics published by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, after the restoration of passenger flights in June 2020, the decline in traffic volumes slowed down significantly and amounted to 61.4 percent at the end of this year.
As for MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC, in 2020 the passenger traffic decreased by 65% ​​compared to the previous year.
Despite the negative consequences resulting from the pandemiological situation, a decline in traffic volumes, a small number of flights, the main priority areas of activity for the company have always been and remain: ensuring flight safety and aviation security, a high level of service in servicing passengers and aircraft.
In September 2020, the Reese service successfully passed the certification inspection of the ANO provider by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, which is confirmed by the provider's certificate No. AA 021204 dated November 13, 2020, issued for 3 years.


Summing up the work and analyzing the performance indicators of the airport in 2020, it must be said that the strategic goal in this chosen by the company, namely:
"To confirm the leading role of the enterprise among the aerodromes of Ukraine for compliance with the European aviation regulation based on the results of aerodrome certification" has not yet been achieved. The reason for this was the introduction of quarantine at the state level in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 disease and the temporary suspension (restriction) of the enterprise's activities. Considering all the circumstances, the authorized body extended the validity period of the previous certificate of the Dnepr aerodrome and, accordingly, the certification audit of the aerodrome for one more year. Now the responsible specialists of the enterprise continue to work on the elimination of comments to the already submitted Application and the accompanying package of documents provided by the authorized body.
Accordingly, the goal in the field of quality for obtaining a certificate is considered fulfilled - "To provide confirmation of compliance with the certification requirements of Order No. 849 with the receipt of a certificate."
Also this year, for the same reasons, there was no opportunity to increase the number of air carriers and expand the geography of flights from / to the international airport "Dnepropetrovsk".
Thus, during 2020, 60% of the quality goals were achieved: with 5 stated goals, 3 were fully met, 2 were not met.

1.2 Information about the work done as part of the formal consultation process with service users

Comments on the operation of SNN facilities and wishes on the quality of their work from aircraft crews are received through the dispatcher of the ADV of the Dnieper RSP “UkSATSE” and are recorded in the “Journal of comments of the flight and dispatcher personnel on the operation of RTZ facilities”. In case of receipt of comments on the operation of the SNV facilities, the compliance of the parameters of the SNV ground facilities is immediately carried out, if necessary, adjustments are carried out. In case of revealing deviations of the parameters from the specified norms, consultations are carried out with the crews from which comments were received about the need to check the on-board equipment.
On December 10, 2020, a consulting meeting was organized for the engineering and technical personnel of MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC, as an ANO provider, with service users, dispatching staff of the Dnipropetrovsk RSP UkSATSE and
representatives of the airlines "ROSA VETROV", "MAU", "Yuzhmashavia" and with military units of the Ukrainian Air Force.

compared to those defined in the business plan and agreed in the annual plan:


Unit of measurement




% Completion

Number of flights dispatched


2 999

1 912

-1 087


Number of flights dispatched

thousand people





The decrease in flights compared to the plan is due to non-performance of flights due to the introduction of quarantine from 17.03.

- Austrian Airlines operated the flight only until 03/15/2020 and until the flights were restored;

- Airline "Ellinair" canceled scheduled flights;

- UIA did not perform flights from mid-March to mid-September. Then flights to Tel Aviv were partially introduced into the schedule;

- AK "Roza Vetrov" resumed charter and regular routes only from 15.06.2020

We also note that the cargo flights, which have been operated by the new Eleron airline since September 2019, have been canceled since April 2020 due to quarantine and are not yet operated.

Compared to the plan, the passenger traffic decreased by 107.8 thousand. Pass. (-61.43%).

The actual total passenger traffic reduced the planned figures due to the decrease in flights that were served at the airport. The actual commercial workload has decreased for all companies.

No new destinations were opened during 2020. The main reason is the suspension (reduction) of the airport's activities due to quarantine and the technical condition of the runway.


  • A new version of the Technology for conducting intra-airport radiotelephone communication and phraseology of radio exchange in the daily production activities of MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC and other internal regulatory documents has been developed;
  • developed and implemented the Instruction on the procedure for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the service res.
  • In the period from 17 to 28 February 2020, 2 employees of the Reese service were trained at the Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education (hereinafter referred to as NN INO) of NAU at basic training courses under the program "Investigation of Aircraft Accidents and Incidents";
  • in September-October 2020, 100% of the aviation personnel of the Reese service were trained in refresher courses
  • 22 under the program "Technical operation and maintenance of fiber-optic communication lines, telecommunications equipment and radio communication systems" (21-24.09.20.)
  • 20 people under the program "Aviation radio-technical landing systems" (05-16.10.20 g ..)
In terms of infrastructure and aeronautical equipment:
  • temperature control information signaling systems were modernized at all objects of the landing system;
  • testing and implementation of the modern AMHS messaging network to replace the outdated AFTN network;
  • the capacitors of the secondary power supplies and the amplifiers of the HF parts of the KRM and the timing belt were revised and replaced;
  • improved communication system for mini automatic telephone exchange # 2 for airport attendants;
  • modernized the signaling system at the ATE facility about the presence of the E1 stream at RTZ IKM-30-4 on the display of the shift engineer Riz;
  • reconstruction of lighting in the unit BMRM-08 DMRM-08 control room and unit BM-26RM;
  • the facade and windows of the DMRM-26 were repaired;
  • purchased and replaced by AKB for ICom F-l6 radio stations;
  • Starter batteries were purchased and replaced for diesel power plants at the facilities of the landing system and ATC.



Value, thousand UAH

Net income from sales

53 124

Cost of goods sold

100 253

Gross profit (loss

-47 129

Other income

13 093

Other costs

51 573

Net financial profit / loss

-85 609


The flight safety management system (SMS) and quality at MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC provides for the regulatory regulation of BP and quality in accordance with the standards. Considering that MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC is a provider of air navigation services, and the radio navigation and communication service is a structural subdivision of MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC and one of the components of the SMS, the analysis of its activities is included in the general SMS system of MA DNEPROPETROVSK LLC .