11:06 /27.9.2022

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6 July 2021
DNIPROPETROVSK MA LLC received the Dnipro Airport Operator Certificate in accordance with the aviation rules of Ukraine, which are adapted to the Legislation of the European Union.
On July 1, 2021, the State Aviation Service of Ukraine issued to Dnipropetrovsk International Airport Certificate Dnipro Airport in accordance with the Aviation Rules of Ukraine "Technical requirements and administrative procedures for airport certification", approved by the DASU order of 06.11.2017 for №849, which are developed from taking into account the Regulation of the European Commission №139 / 2014 of 12.02.2014.

Obtaining a new certificate of Dnipro aerodrome demonstrates compliance of DNIPROPETROVSK MA LLC with the established requirements to the aerodrome operator and the ability of the airport to further ensure the functioning of the enterprise management system and flight safety at a high level.
The issued certificate is indefinite, but, in accordance with the new Aviation Rules, the State Aviation Service will carry out constant control of compliance with the requirements by conducting systematic inspections of the aerodrome.