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1 February 2021
At the Dnipro International Airport, a new passenger service technology has been launched in test mode, which allows you to fly a digital version of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine through the mobile application Diya https://go.diia.app/
Digital documents can only be used on domestic flights. To do this, you can present an electronic version of the ID-card or biometric passport of a citizen, generate a QR-code and read it from the screen from your smartphone at the air security checkpoint to confirm the authenticity of the document.
The documents that passengers present must match those that were used to purchase tickets.
Diya - is a new level of interaction between the state and citizens: convenient, invisible, humane.
Diya 2.0 - is an updated mobile application that allows Ukrainians to access their digital documents and share their digital copies in a few clicks in the right life situations. These include an ID card and a foreign biometric passport, a student card, a driver's license, a vehicle registration certificate, a vehicle insurance policy, a tax number (RNOKPP), a birth certificate and a certificate of resettlement (IDP).
An e-passport is a minimum of worries before the desired trip. No need to go home if you forgot your book. The document is always in the smartphone.